Laboratorios Clausen S.A. is a national pharmaceutical company founded in the early nineteenth century, with a prestigious trajectory in Uruguay. In this way, during 1995 Clausen main new objectives are the specialized segments of the pharmaceutical market. In order to achieve this goal Biological and Biotechnological products are introduced, shaping in this manner a complete high technology line in areas such as: Oncology, Hematology, Haemotherapy, Immunology, Transplants and Vaccines. Since then, over one thousand specialized Physicians on these areas of Uruguay, regularly receive information about Clausen’s products. In 2012, Clausen has formed strategic partnerships with the aim to meet the entire production line from raw materials to finish product.

Also, bring their products to various destinations such as Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Laboratorios Clausen is dedicated to the production of biological/biotechnology and segregated solid drugs with the highest quality standards, complying with all international standards of manufacturing (GMP). We have the approval of: GSK, Octapharma, and the principals regulatoy agencies such as: EMA, CECMED and INVIMA which one give us a high prestigious in Latin America.

Currently Laboratorios Clausen is perceived as clearly located in its work areas with an excellent human as well as scientific relationship with the physicians involved in the pharmaceutical specialties of its line. All the mentioned places Laboratorios Clausen S.A. in Uruguay as the main national company related to biotechnological pharmaceutical products.