Albunorm 20%

Human albumin


  • Composition
    In 1000 mL the solution contains the following active pharmaceutical ingredient:
    Albunorm Humana 20 % Octapharma: (182,4 to 210,0) g of Human albumin.

  • Indications
    - Acute diseases. The most common indication is the correction of volume loss with stabilization of the oncotic pressure for long periods of time. Healing in the postoperative phase is stimulated due to the prevention and / or removal of causes of oedema.
    - Haemorrhagic shock, shock caused by the loss of plasma and other conditions accompanied by shock.
    - Plasma and/or albumin deficiency before, during and after surgeries and in: burns, hepatic failure, hepatocirrhosis, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, gastrointestinal disorders, Lyell syndrome, ascites, adult respiratory distress syndrome, newborn kernicterus, cerebral oedema and toxic processes (toxaemia of pregnancy).
    - Replacement of volume and exchange of plasma in hyperviscosity syndromes.
    For this purpose Albunorm Humana 20 % Octapharma must be diluted with appropriate electrolytic solutions to achieve the desired protein content.

  • Contraindications
    The administration must be carried out slowly and carefully (if necessary use premedication) under the control of the attending physician in: coagulation disorders, severe heart failure, pulmonary oedema, nephrotic failure with oliguria or anuria, oesophageal varices, known sensitivity against human plasma proteins, malnutrition and dehydration (unless sufficient fluid is infused simultaneously).

  • Presentation
    Albunorm Humano 20 % Octapharma: box containing one infusion bottle with 50 or 100 mL of solution.